When does a musical life begin?  
This is a question that's always intrigued me. Some people exhibit interest in music at a very early age--as apparently, I did. Banging away at the piano in imitation of older family members was followed by banging pots and pans and then hours listening to records. Finally, when I was six I was old enough for my first piano lessons and I've never stopped making music since.

Some take a while to foster their desire to create music. I know many fine players who didn't start studying until their retirement. Whether you're six or your sixty, there's never a bad time to start your musical journey.
I teach childeren from age 6 and adults in my home studio in Roswell and at the Atlanta Harp Center in Alpharetta. Lessons for beginners are a minimum of half an hour once a week. Adults often come less frequently.
  Students should expect to spend at least half an hour per day practicing. Everyone has a bad day once in a while but most beginners who don't practice get discouraged. I can help make the practice sessions more productive and fun but the student has to commit to doing the work.

Trying Out the Harp

It has never been easier to try this wonderful instrument. Through the rent-to-own program at the Atlanta Harp Center, portable and affordable, lever harps are available for as little as $300 for the first four months.